You are very busy, you don’t have time to improve your English communication skills. What if, I say you can learn English anywhere, anytime, yes, it’s true, I found this wonderful resource online to develop effective communication skills by speaking to native English speakers 24/7. If you are looking to learn a new language or just develop your public speaking and speak confidently or improve your presentation skills and build your soft skills, you should try Lingoda. I have personally tried these English classes online, they are simply amazing and I can schedule my course plan as per my schedule to suit my busy and hectic work life. In this video I have shared with you tips to learn English with the help of Lingoda’s English lesson plans. I hope you find this English language learning resource useful.  


  • 1 ) How to improve your English communication skills anywhere, anytime? Learn English online 24/7 00:15:54
  • 2 ) How to handle Embarrassing & Awkward Questions in a conversation? Smart & Clever Communication Tips 00:10:01
  • 3 ) Public Speaking Tips - How to give great Speech? | Presentation Skills by Skillopedia 00:12:43
  • 4 ) 5 Life Skills never taught by school teachers | Self Improvement & Personality Development Tips 00:12:28
  • 5 ) How to Improve your communication skills? Speak English Fluently | Understand Native Speakers 00:13:30
  • 6 ) How to be a SMART MOUTH? Enhance Your Communication Skills & Speaking Style | Public Speaking Tips 00:11:43
  • 7 ) 5 Hacks - How to develop Effective Communication Skills - Verbal, Non-verbal & Body Language 00:11:19
  • 8 ) How to start a conversation with a stranger? Stop these 5 Mistakes! Talk to anyone confidently 00:08:25
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