Food and Health

Foods are different all over the world but the ingredients are fixed such as rice, potatoes, fish and meat . There are Italian foods with wonderful ingredients They are famous for pasta and pizza. There are Indian foods that are famous for spicy  . There are many different foods around the world. There are also vegetarian foods that some people tend to maintain their health 



Food Recipes

Culinary courses from around the world will teach you how to cook delicious dishes for beginners, even professional courses for all the food around the world from Asia to Africa, America will learn...

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A vegetarian is a person who does not eat animal products such as animals, birds, poultry and fish, and rely on a diet consisting of cereals, pulses, vegetables and fruits. This diet is healthy in...

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Diet is a program to regulate the foods you eat throughout the day to maintain your health and keep away from fast food and eat healthy foods and it will keep you away from heart disease, high bloo...

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Healthy Recipes

Healthy recipes are excellent for people who want to maintain their health and avoid the diseases that result from fast food, a lot of eat fast food leads to diseases without play sports . Healthy...

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Indian Food

I start by learning Indian cooking, which is classified as one of the best cooking in the world and foods such as curry, tandoori chicken, and the way to prepare meals in an unconventional way and...

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Thai Food

Thai cuisine, which comes from around the world to eat Thai food, which is characterized by fish, seafood, warm and healthy and street foods with great taste Thai cuisine is one of the best kitchen...

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Japanese Food

Japanese cooking, which is characterized by sushi and seafood, which contain high protein and from the best cooking on the level of Asia and the world and also features health recipes that benefit...

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Vietnamese Food.

Vietnamese cooking is one of the most popular foods in the world that people and tourists come from around the world to eat because it has a distinct taste of food and seafood in a special and anci...

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Chinese Food

Chinese Cuisine Visitors from all over the world come to Eat Chinese food fish , fried poultry and street foods from Asia and the world, one of the best foods in the world.

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French Food

French cooking is one of the best cooking in the world and one of the most expensive foods in the world. French cuisine is also famous for its delicious pastries, pasta and seafood. Tourists come f...

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Indonesian Food

Indonesian Cooking is one of the most distinctive cuisine, which is characterized by a variety of flavors and origins of ancient and tourists come from around the world to eat Indonesian food and c...

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Mexican Food

Mexican cooking is a food that is characterized by warm and distinctive flavors from around the world Mexican cooking is full of different flavors and different colors distinctive and you can cooki...

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Spanish Food

Spanish cuisine is a food influenced by Europe and Africa and is characterized by various foods of seafood, pasta and Spanish food is very popular around the world and tourists come from around the...

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Turkish Food

Turkish cooking is an integrated cooking from the European and Middle East, where Turkish food is a taste of international cuisine from around the world. Turkish cuisine is also a taste of the old...

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Moroccan Food

Moroccan cuisine has a special taste and taste and comes first in the Middle East of its various foods and is one of the best foods in the world and comes with a mixture of Berber food, European an...

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American Food

American cooking is a history of American cuisine and has been involved in American food. American Indians, Europeans, Africans and Asia , the american food are considered to be comprehensive food...

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Italian Food

Italian cuisine is considered the most famous food in the world and is famous for its Italian cuisine with its variety and distinctive flavor, such as pizza and pasta, and visitors come from around...

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Drinks and juices around the world are different but the ingredients have same fruits , you travel around the world and you will see that each country around the world has different drinks and fres...

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